The ReVised Cat Rotation Schedule

6:45—wake up, snuggle with milo until 7 (ideally, realistically: 715)
Let Aesop out of laundry. Close Milo up in Bedroom.
(The cats can now see & smell each other through my door.)
Let chickens out, give them their salad
Get ready. Say goodbye to both cats.

12/12:30—Home for lunch.
Give the Chickens their feed.
Do the lunch hour thing, love on Aesop for awhile
Put Aesop in the laundry.
Let Milo out, love on him. Let him outside.
Let Aesop out of laundry.

After Work
Love on Milo on the porch. Say hello to chickens.
Love on Aesop inside.
(Possible social hour with Milo & chickens)

9pm—Put Aesop in laundry with wet food.
Let Milo inside, love on him.
Set Milo up with wet food, close him in bedroom.
(Again, they can see and smell each other now.)
Let Aesop back out until I go to bed.
(More time with more space and more attention.)
At bedtime, put Aesop in laundry.
Give Milo the run of the house. Go to bed.

Why did I revise the schedule? For a couple of reason. One, they need more contact with one another. Two, Milo appears to forget another cat is in the house if he can't see it. Three, I'm concerned Aesop is rubbing raw spots on his face due to lack of affection or closed-quarters. This way he gets more hours to roam the house. I also am no longer letting him in my room—making my room Milo's "safe room" and the laundry room Aesop's, with plenty of room between them.

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