the poppies are so perky

in the garden the shirley poppies are blooming.
i love them. as for vegetables, the squash and tomatoes are doing well. that's about it.

once i move i want to grow herbs, greens and chard in large pots on my patio. eventually build raised beds with nice fluffy soil that beans can leap out with their leaves and grow from. between the beds i will grow poppies, borage, and nasturtiums.

i thought i would give the banty chickens away.
but it so happened that their future family never came. so i will keep them.

the cats are now friends. today marked their first nap together. i rejoiced.
aesop isn't ready to be outside. i tried. aesop doesn't come when called.
once i move, i'll have the backyard enclosed and loose the cats there.

you can hear, in part, about their adventures here. if you like.
not to mention in this very blog. but earlier.
(just a few days ago they were nose-to-nose. then, cautious acquaintances. then...playing/fighting...then...napping.
and my intent is come full circle. hooray!

the rain is falling—phew! i go to sleep for now...

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