real estate negotiations

i overwatered a tomato. boo.
it seems everytime i return my parents drill, i need it again. grr.

the sellers of my new home have thrown me for a loop and i'm wading through the aftermath. there are enough things to be done around the house without me also footing the bill for the maintenance that they should have been staying on top of.

and i'm fretting. looking up costs and estimates.
worrying about how i will clean, paint, fence, insulate and garden. sigh.

home ownership is both exhilarating and nerve-wracking.
and now i'm on the verge of it. i'm anxious to pack. anxious to get moving.
not to mention, get away from this mess.

on the move-in front
first: fence. second: paint.
first: chicken coop finished. second: clean kitchen.

on the move-out front
first: rob yard of plants. second: pack my things.
first: plant robbed plants.

seriously. this is my life. i've writte a dozen lists.
its only 9:42. i'm tired and i wish i was farther along...

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