another summer weekend. highs and lows.

sad news: the turtle escaped.
the cats knocked a board loose that turned into a ramp. morla appears to be gone. sigh. and so close to when she would have been able to roam my luxurious and fully fenced backyard. i might have to buy a replacement after i move just because i liked the idea of a backyard turtle so much.

the worst is that i found the turtle today, and it has escaped a second time.
this seems famillar, like the chicken fiasco. i am slightly more confidant that the turtle is somewhere in the yard though.

happy news: the cats are friends.
they nap together, clean each other. play (which often sounds like fighting, but i assume its friendly—er, playful.) aesop gets to go outside nowdays, but only on the buddy system. the theory is as such: milo always comes when called, and aesop follows milo willingly. its going well, no lost cats.

my allergies are improving. but benedryl still makes me feel like i'm stoned. you wouldn't believe it—i can't form coherent sentences. i'm retarded. its mildly entertaining but mostly frustrating. makes napping on the couch with the cats very enjoyable on lazy afternoons.

real estate update: hurry up and wait.
in the meantime i am robbing my yard of expensive perrenials.
thinking about packing but not actually doing so.

todays project: strawberry rhubarb pie and fresh blueberry cobbler.
picked blueberries with my parents. i personally picked 11 pounds. i have a team social for my soccer team tonight so i decided to do some baking. i actually only needed to pick up 3 items from the grocery store to accomplish both and they were all found in the dry goods aisle. i really do have a perponderance of baking supplies and produce.

its going very well if you don't count the almost grease fire. all my blunder stem from a lack of thorough thinking. right now its a little bit of hurry-up-and-wait. i don't feel bold enough to risk cooking two things in my oven at once. i will post some pictures of my efforts later today.

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