i'm on the verge of buying a house. literally.
like...tomorrow. or tuesday.

i spent a good hour at home depot yesterday pricing out all the various things i could think that i will need in the next month for the house. it felt both calming and productive. it also settled my nerves a little because most of it is entirely affordable.

if painting goes well, i think i could be in it in two weeks.

today i am working on the chicken house.
the chickens are beginning to frequent the neighbor's yard's on a daily basis and i can't take it anymore. my goal is to be able to move them the day i close on the house—maybe the day after. i've cemented my plans for the house and only the front wall and the nesting boxes will give me any trouble. and i'm not intending to do either of those today.

verne the rooster is also starting to crow.
i don't think i will be able to keep him.

now i have to get to home depot and see if they cut the wood too.

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