at least noah could keep them on the ark

aesop is becoming more difficult to find and has lost his collar somewhere.
thus far, he always comes home, always when i least expect it, which time and again talks me into letting him out. tonight i used the time looking for him to collect apricots from the neighbor's tree to feed the chickens tomorrow. they need to soften up but the 100+ heat should help

i've made decisions regarding paint.
living room, green; bedrooms, grey, coral, blue.
can you tell i'm over anxious?

i'm falling in love with cups on ikea.com.

its not nearly as fun to have someone to share the excitment with. but at the very least i can be excited with myself. everyone else has their own lives, and if its not that its jealousy or disinterest or distance. i want someone to be excited as i am...i guess that is what a significant other is for. maybe that is why i should desire one.
not to mention that i'm not fondled nearly enough to my liking!

once again my roommate has left me for the "weekend." training starting tomorrow, then drill over the weekend. her disinterest in going out with me and her oft absence makes me worry that she will not be around very long. which is understandable—but unpleasant for me.

i never reported it, but the turtle is not gone forever.
she is in the yard. i see her from time to time. once my new yard is fenced, i will apprehend her and move her to an enclosed space. it is also what i hope to do with the cats, i can't imagine how they could get over my fence (though i am sure they will find a way.....)

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  1. Anonymous8:54 PM PST

    A yard turtle! You must bring this back!


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