just let tomorrow come

i'm in a house full of things i have no interest in packing.
the last time i moved it was incredibly efficient and i was fully settled within a week. i do not expect this time to be anything like that. i think it will be more like moving into our house in portland—but more scattered, fewer boxes. i have little interest in boxes.

tomorrow i close and i will move the lawn equipmet and the chicken house.
over the weekend i will move kitchen items and non-essential stuff. everything can live in the basement until i know where it is going. it will feel better here on whitman with things out of the way—sometimes i find it difficult to concentrate on a task at hand with too many items around me. if i'm lucky, i'll erect a fence over the weekend.

i recently figured out that aesop is a drooler.
he also has the fantastic habit of coming when called only after you're on your last hope. fucker. he is not allowed outside again until we are moved into the new house (and its fenced!)

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