the coop coup

tonight i hosted a kuehe. coop, coup.
i staged it around 10, 9:43 to be exactly approximate.
in the dark of night i snatched my chickens up in their sleep and quickly deposited them in their temporary quarters—the dog kennel.
by 10:57 i had two cats shoved into a small animal carrier intended for a jack russell terrier in her puppy years.

the cats are now investigating their new home.
the chickens are cursing their fate, to sit in a dog kennel until noontime tomorrow when i will be able to bring them to their luxurious new coop and run. sans rooster (who is currently inhabiting the garage so as not to wake my neighbors at 4:45am anymore. or me.)

in 26 minutes i will have been awake for 18 hours.
during that time i have cleaned out my bathroom, moved nearly all my major furniture pieces, moved my coop, assembled a chicken run, set the kitchen right (mostly) and gone to far too many yard sales.

tonight is my first night in my house.
the living room isn’t finished, the bedrooms not started and the fence is two-weeks out. but all in all i am feeling content and accomplished and my feet are tired so i must have been busy.

the green in the bedroom is bold but i like it. i no longer want to paint my room grey because i am unable to determine what a good grey is. it will be blue, erie canal perhaps.

my self made chicken run was a flaming disaster and has led to the losing of a chicken: Heloise i believe. i worry about her and hope that she is hidden away somewhere. if she begins laying she could possible have a family of her own soon and it makes me happy to think of rogue chickens roaming the neighborhood. Friday my mother gave me the best surprise ever by gifting me a portable dog run—why hadn’t i thought of it earlier???

the chickens would be in it now if i had gotten the top covered or the door attached tonight before it got so dark. instead—tomorrow.

as it is, i’m exhausted. goodnight.

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