when it comes to the house: its one of "those" weeks

currently i'm frustrated and a little deflated regarding my house projects.
i have a list a mile long and every day i get only a fraction of it done. i have overly ambition aspirations and my inability to achieve them is wearing me down. also that i'm doing it alone.

monday i seriously hurt my back lifting improperly.
pain, shot down my hip and thigh. it was god awful.

yesterday i moved the chickens to my new house thinking that i would have plenty of time to finish their chicken run and paint kitchen cabinets and the living room. of course i did almost nothing of this, the run was thrown together, i have two cabinets still awaiting me, two and a half living room walls and a hallway.

this morning i went to check on the chickens to find that cats had chased them loose. spent my morning wrangling chickens, lost one entirely. again had grand plans for the coop and run tonight and by the end of the night the chickens were still locked up in a dog kennel. the saw was frightening, the coop heavy, my back started hurting and the run a task difficult to fathom. tomorrow i move the chickens back. they simply cannot live 24/7 in a dog kennel and i still can't catch the rogue chicken in my yard.

i'm worried about both of them. the one in the yard because she's alone and its stormy. the one loose because she is probably completely lost, also alone...where will she end up? who will find her?

of course much of this i am doing alone.
today completely alone and that is what wore my out. with my back i'm not nearly as effective and i continue to injure it as i work. it is paining me incredibly right now—and it was fine all day. as someone attempting to undertake several projects alone, i can say its a lot harder without someone else. even if it is just someone to be stumped with you. or someone to calm you down or cheer you up when you are at your wit's end. or someone to use the saw.

tomorrow i do nothing on the house.
friday. paint. and clean up the kitchen.
i'll work on the coop and run over the weekend.
maybe the fence, but that is a stretch.
sigh. it'd be nice to have a hug right now. i'm feeling a little blue.
luckily milo decided to sleep with me.

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