more progress made

today i installed a thermostat by myself.
i also worked in the kitchen. ripped out hideous contact paper while ella, billie and the beatles sang. my grandma helped and couldn't believe the music i was playing—i thought she would enjoy it and i'm glad i was right. the stuff to remove sticky stuff smells oppresively of oranges. yeech. i used it the wrong way and had to do my cabinets all over again, much to the dismay of my nose.

things that need to be done before moving in:
+paint the kitchen & bathroom cabinets white
+paint the living room & bedrooms
+fence the backyard
+finish the chicken coop

the coop is so close. if only i could get my hands on a circular saw.
perhaps tuesday i could get my grandpa to make the cuts. by wednesday they are gone, so i could just wait him out and use it myself (he will only do it for me, not let me do it.)

today i got the roofing put on the top and part of the run set up, i need pegs to hold down the bottom of the run so the chicks don't squirm underneath. quite obviously i've never roofed anything, i stupidly attached the overlapping pieces the wrong way, so if water runs from front to back, it gets underneath the roof. doh. one more layer tomorrow.

technically i could move in with the fence on its way. but truly i will have plenty of packing to keep me busy i feel like there is more that needs to be done but in all liklihood i am just moving slowly. everyone wants me to be excited or nervous and i'm neither. i was impatient and i continue to be so, but i will admit there is a touch of concern floating around in the back of my mind. it would be nice to get the basement in liveable condition sooner rather than later, so i could rent it out (at least the bedroom.)

with the coop and kitchen done i can move some things over.
i have no couch. hmmm. too late in the night for further thoughts.
more work tomorrow!

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