sundays are good.

sundays are good days.
i get more done on sunday than i do all weekend.
my first egg arrived on friday and today i got two. one light tan and one light blue. my nest boxes are pathetic. i need to make some adjustments but don't have the oomph to get the job done.

  • move the door hinges to the bottom

  • raise the coop onto the cement footers

  • make new nest boxes and locate them on the floor

  • better roosts inside

  • finish off last wall

  • purchase waterer and hang it

  • add 2x4 to roof for stability

  • in the meantime, the chickens are loose in the yard and enjoying themselves. until i can get the yard fenced, they can only be loose when i can be around the check on them periodically.

    its closing in on 1pm and already i've worked in the kitchen, moved a carload, mowed a lawn and trimmed hedges. which is pretty good for me these days. i'm hoping to dig up plants at the old house but in this heat it doesn't sound very pleasant.

    enough procrastination, time to get back to work.

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