poor lonely little fucker

okay...now i am beginning to feel bad about verne/vernon.
he is currently living in my garage and has been since last monday. he's in the garage becuase he is too loud and i worry someone will complain—and i can't bring him here because someone already has.

i check on him each day and give him food, water, fruits and veggies, i've placed an ad and am actively looking for a home for him. so far the only one to turn up is 90 minutes away, so i am currently holding out.

today i mowed the lawn and so i let him out. the first five minutes he tried to attack me, the next several hours he called for his ladies with no success. i left him out all day. tonight i went over and snatched him with a sheet and imprisioned him again in the garage. i am feeling terrible because he is alone, he might be scared, and he deserves better. this isn't me but its what i've been forced to do.

he deserves better. i hope something turns up.

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