snapshot of a flurry

haphazardly, i appear to have adopted a third cat.
he has big paws, a big head and yellow eyes that are darkly lined. i rather like him, though he is nothing i would have picked out for myself. he is definitely a lover though.

he was around from the start and i've yet to determine if he has a home. he was undeniably one of the cats who harrassed my chickens but like my own he doesn't appear to be malicious. nowdays he, milo and aesop chill in the backyard together and watch the chickens. i've been foolish enough to allow him in the house a couple times and he likes it. he'll play with the toys and lope around a little, but he doesn't want to stay. i haven't named him yet but figure i should just so i can reference him easily.

its comforting to know that when i move i intend to move to a farm and could take him with me. my farming companioin visited last weekend and it was nice to talk about our dreams for it. my garden languished so terribly this year and i feel something of a gap. the lack of fresh cut flowers, salad greens and cucumbers is perceptible.

in the garden's stead the chickens flourish. i now have a total of nine:
iphegenia & io, heloise & beulah, odette & isolde, tselma, maude and [as-yet unnamed]

if i am lucky i get two eggs a day. lately, none. i worry they are laying somewhere in the yard now that can roam freely. i've temporarily fenced the side yards and its done wonders for my sanity. beulah still tries to cause trouble and can't be counted on to roost in the chicken run of her own accord.

maude is looking better, rosier in the comb, since her move to my house. i do think she might have a sunburn on her back where her feathers are still growing in. the rooster has actually appeared to have absconded, the very night that my ad for a free rooster finally made it into the newspaper. wherever he is, i hope he's living happily—tomorrow i might double check the old house though, just in case.

there isn't enough energy or hours in a day to get my coop finished. with such massive projects left and right, the coop has taken a demotion in importance. perhaps while my dad is away and unable to work on the fence. even then, if i can get the house settled i'd love to start tackling the yard, one small bite at a time.

as it is, i'm tired. more work tomorrow......

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