my chickens are lazy and don't lay eggs.
the two that were, have stopped. the others must be on the brink but then i begin to worry that they might not ever lay. wouldn't it be my luck to have 9 non-laying chickens? i need to build nesting boxes, i need to continue my work on the coop, i need to move their run and fence off the yard (so they don't shit on my patio)

...i need, i need, i need. i need more time.
more hours in a day, more weekends in a week.
i'm on half a dozen different deadlines any given day.

progress is continually made but always humble. i only know to be glad of my small successes after so many weeks without them.

i think my soil here is clay-ey. it becomes heavy, dense mud after only a little watering. it cakes together. fuck. i can only imagine the work that will be needed on it. thank god i want to build raised beds, i relish at the thought of that sweet, rich, loamy soil.

never enough hours in the day. i hear the clock constantly ticking.

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