vegetable garden: the status

the status of the garden? chaos.
my disappointment in myself is small and fleeting.
i simply had too much on my plate and the garden set up was never ideal. raised beds are a luxury that i will never be able to give up.

the eight ball zucchini did well and it appears that the butternut squash is going strong. i wouldn't really recommend more than one zucchini plant for single woman, you simply can't eat them fast enough.

the yellow squash and lemon cukes did their best under the circumstances but weren't much of anything—i never built their trellises and they became drowned in coreopsis.

the cauliflower only started to show as i moved out and it is failing miserably. the celery is doing only slightly better given the hot weather and neglect. the eggplant too, has only started to grow just now.

my one shining success is: tomatoes!
i pick six or so every couple of days.
sungold cherry tomatoes: are my new favorite. sooooooo sweet!
black cherry: not nearly as tasty as i expected
(but they aren't nearly as prolific either.)
snow white: i think were mislabeled because they are fuzzy like peach tomatoes. wouldn't grow them again, the flavor isn't very good.
the green grape are all right. second favorite cheery, er...grape, tomato.
green zebra: always a favorite.
early girl: it was early. and tasty. and prolific.
old german: enormous. good for sauce. pretty when cut.
not ripening very fast, probably wouldn't grow them next year.

my roma bit it. oh well.
not to mention that my beans, watermelon and squash from seed never had a chance with the feathered floozies running loose in my backyard.

am i forgetting anything?
i should check on the carrots. the radishes developed huge tops and measly radishes. the greens weren't eaten and bolted, the spinach didn't germinate very well (second year in a row!) the herbs...eh.

really all together a pathetic showing from such industrious beginnings.

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