animal report

i can't call it the chicken report, it won't just be about chickens today.

but, about the chickens......
today all 8 of them laid!
other fantastic news includes that sophie's feathers are almost fully grown in, that i repaired the coop and run and it is all running smoothly! the chickens sleep inside of their coop now and appear quite content. not to mention, i repositioned the coop giving them more room, and it seems to be all right. they spent the majority of today in their run, only to be let out a couple hours before dark, and everyone came through unscathed! eight eggs at that!

they are under lock and key while i work on the yard.

the cats are well. well, i'm worried about aesop but should hit up the vet soon. he eats 2-3x more than milo and remains skin and bones, which is obviously not a good sign.

despite my feeble attempts to dissuade him, i've theoretically adopted the grey cat. so sue me, i'm a bleeding heart crazy cat lady. i can't have this cat in my yard every day, in my life every day and then let it freeze and starve. while he sure ain't skinny, i notice the growing number of matts, and the growing numbers of hours he spends in my yard not missed. he eats the chicken food for goodness sake, he can't be getting that much love and affection.....

i gave him a basket with a blanket and a hand full of food now and then.
he repaid me with a dead mouse on the patio.

it didn't really freak me out, even one iota. i just saw it for what it was, what he was trying to say to me, and then wondered why he didn't eat it. it wasn't there tonight, so that's good.

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