just too good

the garden energizes me.
in the kitchen i'm frantic. in the house—slobbish. but in the garden i am with purpose and happy. at least, these are the poetically ideal sentiments i am left with after sunny, productive, fresh air days.

i was lucky to have a sunday with clear skies.
fall is an absolutely fantastic time to garden so long as its warm and dry enough to work in the garden. which, sunday it was. and all this week it will be. my theory for fall gardening is that trees, perennials and shrubs are all on sale. huge sales.

and if you get things in the ground and are attentive (as i will be) things winter over and get a faster start on the growing season come spring. i am looking forward to seeing what pulls through.

weeks ago i looked into my backyard to find it lacking in fall color.
since then i have been on a studious quest that has turned profitable as well as physical as i have actually been able to locate some of the specimens that i've sought after.

my backyard began with:
a flowering quince (profuse coral flowers)
a locust (yeech)
a black walnut (bright yellow fall color)
and...another tree of sorts.

this sunday i added a:
'Mowhawk' Viburnum (orange-red in the fall)
Euonomys (red in fall through february)
Bailey Red Twig Dogwood (red with red branches)
Butterfly Bush (red-purple flowers in the spring)

tomorrow is to be good weather and i am taking the afternoon off.
tomorrow i hope to add:
witch hazel (arnold? bright yellow flowers as early as feb, yellow foliage)
japanese maple (several, whichever i can find in town...i hope)

eventually i hope to add:
american cranberry bush 'wentworth' (a viburnum, with edible fruit.)

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