for the love of animals

the grey cat is sleeping in the basket i created for him.

that makes me feel good. although it takes me that much closer to owning him. but really, can a neighborhood cat be owned? i just don't want him to be cold or wet or hungry.

and anyways, he's good company for milo and aesop. and keeps the other nasty cats away. he doesn't have a name yet. first it was henry, then jean-luc. neither fit. perhaps he can't be mine because he has no name. he is so utterly roly poly and cuddly too.

the chicken run roof collapsed under pressure from the rain.
while its a hassle, it is inadvertently bringing me closer to having the chickens sleep inside their coop. i hope this weekend to have enough dry moments to re-roof both the run and the coop, and then shove those birdies into it for the night. if i could get the front door to work better, i'd be set....

the rain is also wreaking havoc on my fence.
i wish it would stop raining for 5 days so i could seal it.

the weather is getting the best of me, and my animals.

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