this weekend i so seriously need to roof the chicken house its not even funny. i roofed the chicken run and even that is not going so well, because water pools in it and sags down. now it leaks, through the miniscule holes created by the industrial staples holding the tarp on. fuuuuuuuck.

this is of course, only an issue because its raining. a lot.

the grey cat that thinks it lives at my house now thinks it lives in the chicken coop. the heat lamp is an obvious draw. and i'm such a bleeding heart animal lover, that i've set it up a bed next to the house.

i can't help myself. its cold and wet and really, really, cold.

last week, last weekend, when it was sunny and warm and blue skies....i was amazingly productive. fence erected. flower beds dug and allium bulbs planted. shrub purchased. hole half dug.

all good. back in the saddle next weekend. lawns mowed, coop finished, coop moved, chicken run roofed, backyard composted. and...friends, family, guests, all enjoyed.

(((its only tuesday however, several more rainy cold days to go.)))

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