fall rantings of a crazed gardener

oddly enough, despite my malaise i acomplished so much today.

over and over again i think "necessity is the mother of invention." so many tasks and jobs that i put off for weeks get done as a matter of necessity. i suppose i must be glad that i am practical at least 50% of the time. installing a fence after ammending the soil would be, counter productive. lets take a break to install the ardently awaited fence and then finish ammending the back beds.

all of which i did! hooray me!

the chickens kept me company. i enjoy having a good reason to spend a day in the yard with them. i like to be acclimated to their tendencies and personalities. i like to know who lays what egg when. (i am averaging 6 a day!) i like to throw them worms, dig them holes to explore. talk to them, touch them.

i like to watch the cats play and interact. nap. dream of catching the squirrel.

i am so glad to have gotten so much done this day.
in the next few, i need to dig a large hole to accomodate the shrub i bought in my obsessive quest for fall color. i've been unable to stop plotting, planning, dreaming. the weather isn't cold and hard enough yet to thuroughly dissuade me and each weekend of sun and 70 degree weather leads me on.

admittedly, i don't have the energy to dig out the berry bed and ammend it. or even the back flower bed—grass is a disgusting and troublesome foe. early, early spring will be the time. for now i read. and read and read and read. plot trees for the front, for the back, shrubs for the color and the berries.

and hope that the birds show up.

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