fall colors

it smells like winter outside.
i've become enamoured with the fall colors.
my own backyard is bland, with only a small shock of bright yellow from the black walnut tree that is good only for that color it happens to be now.

i feel the urge to ride my bicycle around town, eyes trained towards the trees. looking for that perfect red-orange tree for my backyard. i want my backyard to explode with fall color. i want every season to be a delight.

i've hit a lull and i'm left feeling undeniably twighlight.
my green thumb must hibernate and let my mind do all the work this season. i spend evening after evening contemplating smoke trees, viburnum, maples, dogwoords and hawthornes. their shape, their height, their speed, their color, their smell. i read the same words time and again from my garden book.

the weekend is close and the fresh air will do me good.

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