the front flower beds

yesterday i ammended the front beds and plants close to three dozen bulbs. today i might sprinkle some early spring flower seeds: forget-me-nots, foxglove, and plant some anemones from whitman street, but otherwise, as far as i consider, the front is done for the winter. if supplies permit i might do a mulch of compost.

the back is left.
its at a point where i could do a lot of work or not a lot of work.

i have delphiniums, coreopsis, coneflower, lavender and allium bulbs to plant. i am not sure if i am up to the task of digging out the bed closest to the house. perhaps if the weather treats me right, i will do it in a couple weeks time.

today i will:
turn the compost and cover it
install a thermostat at whitman
dig up anemones at whitman
freeze corn
ammend the back bed by the house**
plant the remaining plants back by the fence**

**it threatens to rain and i think it will make good on it. so there is a good chance this won't be done.

i am all sorts of achey from my endeavors yesterday.

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