fall garden

i've renounced winterizing. at least, for now.
its cold but its dry. winters aren't like portland and i'm worried my new plantings need water regardless of the season or the daytime temperatures. i am a little gleeful over the beautiful root structures that are developing. already the anenomes along the south side of the house are coming back to life.

in the back i ended up planting a viburnum by the name "mowhawk" on the right, the deciduous euonymus underneath the quince, and then a witch hazel (arnold) and a red-twig dogwood along the back fence. eventually a cranberry bush (also a viburnum) and a japanese maple will join them.

i was going for a cacophany of color along the back. its perfect. i've been reading up and plotting the eloquent timing of flowers, colors, fall leaves and height. i'm proud of my work.

unfortunately its grown cold enough that my gardening hopes are on hold.

for the time being i am dreaming about the day when i have a shed. its driving me nuts to not have one, so....before a new car, a shed. how lame. but still, i'm a little lame and i'm excited to have a shed, someday.

i've also begun incredibly tenative plans to build my raised beds.
six beds, at 4x6. i'll grow (so i say now): delicata, beans, greens, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, peppers, melon, yellow squash, butternut squash, herbs, and cucumbers. and for the first time—poatotes!

....the dreams of a gardener cooped up.

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