i guess i love it

i'm happy to report that my pitchfork does not disappoint.
tomorrow i should be able to pick up a wheelbarrow and then i'll really be in business.

my list of projects for the house is building and it frustrates me that i am not as good with my money as i should be—so often i end up spending money that i've meant to save for my projects. there is currently $360 in savings that i musn't touch. it is for blow-in insulation and ventilation for the bathroom.

other desires for the house?
wallpaper in the living room, on one wall. a shed, with a crib for hay. the gate for my driveway put up. electrical work: a plug in the bathroom, two plugs outside, grounded outlets. a new grate for the fireplace. paint the fireplace.

today i was in the basement, cleaning, rearranging, and inspiration struck.
suddenly it made sense, how to fix up the basement. where the bedroom, bathroom and family room would go.

moments later i went outside. and looked at the yard and thought about my plans for it. shubbery, berries, raised vegetable gardens.

...i'm starting to fall in love with my house.
five years doesn't seem like enough. i want to see my trees and shrubs big and beautiful, succulent and tempting to the birds. i want to enjoy my shed and have garden parties in my well lit backyard.

what a predicament. but, pleasant for the time being.

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