with renewed vigor

finally! finally i am back here and i have something to say.
what can i say, its winter and i don't have a lot of garden shenanigans going on....

but today (well this weekend), i am—buying a reciprocating saw!
i'm pretty excited about it. its all the qualities of a saw that i need, without being so frightening that i can't use it. chainsaws and circular saws have that affect on me. miter saws don't as much, but they are harder to wield.

the saw will allow me to cut down some of the scraggly trees in the back so that i can move the chicken run back just a little bit more and so that i can clear the way for my shed (project for february perhaps?)

january's projects are to install an exhaust fan in the bathroom and blow in more insulation into my attic (the green kind.) i think this weekends projects will include the saw and maybe working on my fence. and visiting the green housing center—i want to learn about collecting rainwater.

its terrible, the chickens have been under house arrest for 3 weeks now. since removing the locust tree, i haven't repaired my fence yet and its just too much to allow them access to the entire yard. they'll have ruined all the grass in no time. so they've been under lock and key, which they don't like, and it makes me lazy with their feed and water.

the fence needs to get back up.
the fence also needs to be re-tweaked so that the posts don't move and the gate will work as it should. i think some concrete needs to be involved, which creates a whole new situation.

my grandparents have given me a slew of money for a house project of my choice and it might just be a shed. my grandmother seemed less than enthused about a shed, but a shed is really the next big item on my list.

march is when i need to start working on the yard for the garden. building raised beds, preparing the ground for berries. i keep itching to do it earlier but i think i can put it off awhile.

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