the buying has begun

yesterday i picked up blueberries from walmart (bluecrop).
and a climbing rose (joesph's coat) for by the chickens.
and a seed tray (to start early) and pasture mix (for the chickens) at the feed store.

this morning i lounged in bed and finally made my momentous purchase from indiana berry company! it will ship march 17th which gives me time to build and ammend the beds. it included: black raspberries (black hawk & jewel), a low growing cranberry, a hinnoke red goosberry, horseradish roots, and an imperial white currant.

on a roll, i went to gurney's and completed my order (they wanted to give me 20$ free, so i took them up on it.) from them i got a blend of pepper seeds, 50 strawberry plants (for by the driveway) and parsnips.

today i will focus on setting up some seeds.
but then i'd better not buy anything more until i get the ground turned and the beds built. i had the brainstorm that the farm girl might have a rototiller in her possession. i figured out that i can build each bed for sixteen dollars—not including soil. that will be the doozy i think. but it will be a one time investment (like the berries).

its becoming spring!

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