the details

i'm not pleased with this weather.
i suppose its good seed-starting weather?
because there isn't much else its good for.

working on a system to sell eggs.
i'm getting between 5-7 a day right now.
its costing me $24/month to feed them i estimate.
i'll try to sell eggs at 2.50/dozen.
every other organic chicken farm is selling them at 4/dozen.
but i'm not looking to profit, just bread even.

plus i like getting my eggs out there to people. i've already decided i'd give family, farm girl, co-worker boy and neighbor free eggs. everyone else—even the receptionists, its going to be 2.50.

i posted on craigslist, we'll see what happens.
i'll be getting some new chicks tomorrow i think, from phinney.
two amerucanas (three?) and a black sex link.
i need to email ideal poultry too.

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