crazy animal lady

there is the prettiest cat at the feed store.
he's mostly white with just a few spots of orange tabby.
and i'd adopt it except i don't want to be a crazy cat lady.
if only i had a farm...
if only i had a steady man...
(cuz if you have a man, three cats isn't a big deal)

for the meantime i'll enjoy the cats i have.
they sleep with me at night.
come find me for a cuddle when they need it.
milo likes to sleep in front of the heater,
aesop wakes me up so i can let him outside.
both prefer sleeping on my laundry—black if possible.

i swear cats determine where they sleep based on texture sometimes. can you imagine sleeping on something just because you've never felt that texture before? i mean, what is their obsession with sitting on paper? (cuz trust me, they have it.)

anyways. i think the grey cat might have been the one to run the white chicken off. i saw him getting a little too intense with the buffs yesterday evening as i was planting seeds. not good.

i'm trying to figure out when to place my poultry order.
the availability of the different breeds is all over the place, if i really want a barnvelder i need to wait until april. but there could be a chance that the others don't ship until may anyways. its really complicated, more complicated than i would expect. and all the additional fees for a small batch—i don't really want to repeat them in a second order.

bah. looks like i may need to make a list? oh how i love them.

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