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this morning one of the buffs made a noise which none of the chickens have ever made before. my immediate thought was that it was a chicken's impression of a rooster. not good. chickens can change sex. and i don't need no tranny chickens making a ruckus in my backyard.

if she continues down this road...soups on.

in other chicken news, i'm finding it incredibly fucking difficult to procure chicks. i placed my order at Ideal, a Poultryll my chicks had a stated availability of March 5th. however, i've been informed my chicks will ship April 16th. i have been given no explanation of why. and the local hatchery is out of amerucanas until March 29th. and the feed store isn't taking orders until their first shipment arrives. which might be today. my first thought was "how hard does it have to be to order some damn chickens?!"but then i remembered last year.

so, if i am lucky, today i will pick up or order three amerucanas and one black sex link from the feed store. and in six weeks if i am lucky the rest of my order will arrive from Ideal. it will include two marans, one iowa blue, one , one delaware, one faverolles and one partridge rock.

working on getting a roof for the chicken run. going to make it out of pvc (lighter). trying to decide if i should buy my tarp online (cheaper) or not.might have to check out lumbermans. its a bit of a priority. last night when i went to close the run up, the grey cat was just sitting in there watching them sleep. very suspicious—especially since he was getting a little mouthy with them the other night.

need a roof! stat!

last but not least,an awesome chicken blog on sunset i was told about.

and that's that for now.

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