lack of inertia

i've become lazy and have decided not to till the yard. i don't have any way of getting a tiller to my house so i will just build the beds and plop them down and go from there. i might take a hoe to it, but i might not.

the coop has a roof now. tomorrow i'll add the second tarp so that its completely covered. all in all its much better fortressed, i used rocks where there were gaps at the bottom that the girls were able to get through.

i made my first attempt to reseed the back half of the yard. its supposed to be sunny all week, so perhaps something will stick.

(so long as i get the second tarp up and the chickens don't escape and gobble it up.)

learned some tricks for germinating seeds today while at the farm. you can freeze them for a night before you plant them and they will sprout quicker. i will have to try it... thus far only one basil seed had sprouted. i haven't been able to decide between heat and light, which one they need first.

found some cedar tiles to make walkways with. maybe i'll make one to the back half.
maybe i'll finish the beds this week. can you imagine??????
i could get soil over the weekend and start planting greens and peas and carrots and radishes!

trying to decide if i want to try tomatoes from seed or not.
at this point i am running around seed-drunk. buying and planting and growing just because they are available or sound interesting. i'm over-eager.

the chicken situation hasn't improved much. still grasping at straws for amerucanas. chasing my tail. tomorrow may bring new hope.

it's bed time.
tomorrow...look for chickens, finish cleaning the backyard, water the grass. laundry.

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