flashing greens

last night i made carbonara and it didn't turn out well.
but i also made banana bread and it was and is delicious.
my pesto tuna salad is also delish, right now grilled with avocado & smoked gouda.

tiny birds are eating my grass seed. i don't know how to prevent that.

been spending a lot of money on the garden.
new chickens, roof for chicken run, berry plants.
and now today: potatoes from ronniger and tomatoes, peppers and eggplant from this place. i was amazed with myself, i even kept my number of tomatoes reasonable.

i figured out i can build my beds for about $120.
now i need to figure out the cost of the soil.

the best news is that a feed store in the town next door is getting a shipment of arucana pullets on thursday! so i will definitely be taking a trip down there on my lunch hour to pick up my chicks. tomorrow i am not running so i'll have time to get a set up for them ready.

yipes. i'm looking into soil prices......yipes.
let's hope i'm calculating wrong.

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