saved three thou in under an hour

when i started calculating my soil needs i thought i needed something like 1,344 cubic feet of soil. of course, prices are listed in cubic yards, so i divided 1,344 by 3 and multiplied it by 9 for the price. the price of: 4,032 dollars.

holy shit is right.

so i do some research.
to convert cubic feet into yards, you need to divide by 27. not 3.

1,344 divided by 27 and multiplied by 9 comes to almost five hundred dollars. manageable. but kind of an absurd purchase still.

so i drew out my beds just to make sure i was taking everything into account. well, i wasn't. my beds are 6ft.x4ft.x8 inches. not feet.
hot damn! with the correct measurements it comes to 24 cubic yards which will only cost me $216 dollars!

so i can build my beds this weekend and fill them with dirt for less than $350! i saved myself over $3500! with math!
what a dork i am....

i will actually only need 5.31 cubic yards. which is under fifty dollars.
big dork. but this handy tool helped.

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