foundations of a garden

my vegetable garden purchases this year have included:
from indiana berry company i purchase two black raspberries (jewel and black hawk), two lower growing cranberries (stevens), white imperial currants and hinnomake red gooseberries.

from gurney's, horseradish roots, fifty strawberry plants and pepper seeds.

from ronnigers, half-pound of rose finn apple fingerlings and a half-pound peanut fingerlings, then one pound each of carola (a late potato) and all blue (a mid-season one)—and golden cippolini onions.

from wal-mart, two bluecrop blueberries, bareroot.

and from cross country nurseries, i ordered tomatoes: long-keeper (can keep four months), an olpaka (for sauces), black cherry (for drying), stupice (for early & red), sungold (for fresh and small) and green zebra (for salsa and fresh eating). i also ordered peppers: ancho villa hybrid (prolific, for mole), lilac hybrid (white to purple to red, bell), grenada seasoning (mild habanero type), quadrato d'asti giallo (sweet bell, italian, yellow to red). also eggplants, little fingers (slender) and lao purple stripe (round and small three inch diameter).

seriously. holy shit.

i'm going to get melon and watermelon seeds from territorial seed company and more onion starts (red, white and bunching) from walmart and pepper plants (jalapeno, maybe others) and other whims from the nurseries around the area.

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