the fun begins

this morning there was a chickadee in my backyard!

and this afternoon, i bought the first of my new chicks.

four arucana pullets. one is grey with a splotch of red on her forehead, one is yellow with black flecks, one is mostly red with a hint of grey, and one is dark chocolate brown with gold colors. i will be interested to see what they turn out like. i hope some are blue.

i haven't named them yet. any ideas? i want suggestions.
tomorrow i will order a black sex link, maybe a brown one too.
i want bantys but am afraid to take a chance. maybe i will anyway.

they are set up outside. wine barrel again. this time with straw and a large old window on top. its outside, so i need to keep the cats out of it somehow (and boy are they interested.) i can look down from my kitchen window and check on them.

my seeds have begun to sprout. cucumbers, melons, dill, basil. its very rewarding.

my weekend is becoming busy. building beds, going to the rodeo, family birthday and several chicken visits. i'll have the house to myself and that in itself will be rewarding.

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  1. Michael Mettler10:21 PM PST

    cute chucks! I will have to come see them tomorrow.


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