guess what?

i am proclaiming it to be spring.
there are song birds in the air and the weather is above 40.

all of a sudden, time feels like it is moving faster. i can remember this same feeling last year. a mild and pleasant edginess that creeps in as i can't stop thinking about the garden. what to grow, which cultivars to try, when to plant.

this year i'll save (and savor) the which plant where discussion for later.
for now, i'll focus on the prep work. this year i need to build raised beds, till and amend the proposed berry patch, finish the fence, move the chickens, spruce up the grass, and buy dirt.

i also hope to buy a rainwater collection system.

hopefully it will be nice over the weekend. i'll get started on whipping things into shape so that when the weather is right i can jump into action!

starting at the end of this month i'll be able to order chicks. my amerucana disappeared the other night, with a trail of feathers left in her stead—i don't think its a good sign. i have a list of breeds i am interested it, we'll see what i can order.

in the meantime—spring!
its nice to realize you're not always this sluggish and unproductive.
hooray for springtime. even if it is just slowly awakening.

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