the center street kitchen ala february

my goal (one of many) is to cook more. i think i will eat better if i cook more. and if i am smart about it, i will cook primarily from what i have and will save money to boot.

this weekend i made red lentil soup with sage and bacon.
i also made a quiche with potatoes, red peppers, sage, garlic, and bacon.

today i made smoked turkey salad with basil, apples and peanuts.
later this week i'll make potato soup and then later tuna & chickpea salad.
i've found a good recipe for boiling eggs (ala poached) in rammekins.
i'll have to try it next week for breakfast.
and then...barley & pea risotto or barley & lentil soup.
and then more and more and more...

i have big plans for a vegetable garden this year.
but my big plans may be bigger than my personal capabilities. it might be the perfect excuse for eating what i grow. over the summer i might be able to have the chance to can beans, tomatoes, soups, and sauces. if i work it right, i might be able to use cloches on a couple of the beds in the winter and grow—something (kale? spinach? mustards? brassicas? roots?)

it would be nice to be mistress of my own domain.

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