the plan

okay, in a fit of spring fever, i can't hold back.
this is what i am going to grow this year—

black raspberries (jewel i think, maybe black hawk also)
blueberries (chandler, brigitta or elizabeth)
currants (white imperial or pink champagne)
cranberries (highbush)
and maybe gooseberries (pixwell or jewel)


oh holy shit. this one is a shit storm.
beans (french filet, and another bush variety)
carrots (purple haze)
cucumbers (green. 2 plants.)
melons (2 plants. watermelon & other)
potatoes (blue ones, fingerlings, another)
peppers (lots! colorful and tasty. not sure yet.)
summer squash (gold rush & another light green type)
celery & celeriac
herbs (basil, cilantro, parsley, thyme, fennel, dill)
onions perhaps? (cipolini, green onions, yellow)
egg plant (2-3 plants)
winter squash (bush delicata, sugar dumpling, butternut)
broccoli (regular & romanesco)
cauliflower (purple & other)
chard, lettuces, mustard, kale
fava beans (for the winter. cover crop.)

tomatoes! a category of their own.....
green zebra (as always)
sungold (cherry tomato)
(other ideas: black krim, moskovich?)

le sigh.....i can't stop doing the pre-emptive planning. i'm excited. :)

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