spring is for the birds

today a stellar jay flew into my yard! its an excellent sign.
i've wanted birds in my backyard for some time. but mid-summer through winter didn't prove to be a good time to attract them.

in portland i had juncos, flickers, robins, scrub jays, sparrows, and on occasion—finches. on whitman street we had cedar waxwings, robins, sparrows, a downy woodpecker and lots of finches—gold ones.

on center so far, i've had juncos—which i really like. but nothing else.
then a couple weeks ago i noticed sparrows.
and now, today, i saw a swish of blue and i looked out and saw my stellar jay! a bird i haven't been able to attract before!

i am super excited and will need to buy birdseed and refill my bird-feeders. um, and replace my cats' collars.

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