okay. i think i am a little chicken crazy.
feed store had five free chicks per customer so now there are ten banty chicks keeping my arucanas company.

i'm now the crazy chicken lady, not the crazy cat lady.

it'll be an experiment, if i can pick out pullets.
if i can, i can give some away or sell them.
if i can't, i will definitely be giving some away.

but i'll be honest about my craziness.
i have sex links coming next week. might pick up another arucana.
and i have an order of chicks coming in april

...so, a lot of chickens.
but free bantys!
a chance to have some cool bantys without incurring cost for roosters.

i won't keep them all.
(if you can't tell, i am struggling with my impulses.)


  1. michael Mettler8:33 PM PDT

    haha...great post....i will take a couple of the banties...starter food is my treat next time.

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