an update of a semi-urban gardener

i have an explosion of chickens.
its incredibly obvious that i will need to sell some or give them away.

the count is at fifteen bantys, four arucanas and two sex-links.
the bantys were a mixed bag, i've been looking at chicken pictures and i think i may have some of the following: blue polish, silver pencil, blue cochin, light brahma, birchen or partridge cochin, arucana, gold laced, black cochin, spangled hamburg or maybe a columbian. one of them is a game bird. her name is fiona.

one of the arucanas may be wheaten. she is white with some really pretty strawberry blonde feathers coming in. they are all starting to mellow a bit more. the sex links are incredibly mellow.

next week the fence will be moved, straightened and repaired. i have the back area seeded with the pasture mix i bought. hopefully i can keep the birds and chucks out of it long enough for it to sprout. i'd like it to be a lush jungle of grass so that the chickens don't destroy it.

the fence going to cost be about twice as much as i wanted it to, four times as much as would have been ideal. but i've decided buying local extends to people i know and know i should support.

the beds are built, they have yet to be leveled or filled. maybe next week. i am feeling a little over-whelmed about leveling them. i am thinking rather than digging them down i will prop one end up. line the portion that is lacking with rocks. its this kind of hang up that i wish i had an extra set of hands. an extra set of brains.

the potatoes have arrived. the berries have not, which is disconcerting.
everything else is just waiting...waiting for me and my level and dirt to get the job done. maybe this coming week. maybe having the fence done will inspire me. maybe the longer days mean that i will level the beds one day after work. then over the weekend i can fill them with dirt. all the while, my jungle grows in the back.

if only my motivation was as strong as my desires. i suppose that is what march and february are about. frustration. slow progress.

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