the two larger chickens are big enough to escape the barrels.
but they can get back in too, so i am not too worried.

some of the bantys are feathering out more but aren't growing much.
there is definitely one of them that is a rooster.

today i found out i wasn't scheduled at the restaurant so i came home, tended my flocks, and then came inside and built a fire and cooked up a quiche.

it was great. i've been on the go for a few days now. it feels good to be on the go too. good to be busy—both at work and at play.

but i really need to get my beds leveled and filled so that i can start planting. i should take a day off to plant once the time comes. level and fill over the weekend and then take a monday off and plant peas and greens and the berries. and then clean the whole house and backyard.

if you can't tell, my life feels a little on hold in the gardening area. my inability to plant things is draining my motivation. its bringing me down.

oh well. it will be overcome, to be sure.
for now i grow chickens.

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