the baby chicken update

the chicks have been moved outside and i am beginning to name them.

like last year, they are living in a dog kennel. this time, inside the dog run the large chickens currently live in. soon the remaining chicks will arrive from ideal poultry and i will probably need to start them out in the wine barrels again. phew.

the arucanas are turning out differently than expected.
one of them is becoming very grey. so she is now a dark brown, reddish orange, blue mix. i've named her josephine. the white one has a lot of red feathers coming in throughout her body and some grey around her face, i've named her isabel. the two younger arucanas are as yet unnamed, one is brown with a lot of white coming in on her chest and the other is darker brown with a lot of orange/re coming in.

the red sex link i've decided to name ramona.

of the bantys i think i will be keeping (if they are she's): the white polish, the buff brahma and this other one that i haven't been able to determine its breed. it looks barred but brown. and its feather legged. i've named her carmen.

so thus far, josephine, isabel, ramona and carmen. eleven more to go, or so. i just keep waiting for names to strike me.....

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