sigh. my garden is still not off the, or in the, ground.
the fence is up and it is lovely. i have the roses and clematis planted.
the clematis looked pretty sad, we'll see what comes of it.

my berry patch plan was turned on its head when i read that currents need some shade. but i worked it all out and now have room for two more blueberry plants (chandler and brigitta) and a purple raspberry (royalty i think).

the beds are essentially level but they don't have dirt in them.
been getting the run around on dirt but it looks like i may be able to get some from the farm. if not that, i found someone in the newspaper who is selling top soil and can deliver. (plus the dirt in my driveway...)

working on the farm has been keeping me sane. and keeping me fed. so for that i am very grateful. looks like i might have the opportunity to snag some starts from them as well, which has me excited (broccoli raab!)

my tomatoes and peppers come in two weeks, better get on it.
definitely need to get the berries in the ground.
hopefully i can get some dirt this week one way or another.

sigh. always waiting it feels like sometimes.

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