i've four of the six beds filled with dirt and at least partially planted. only a couple of bush delicata plants and the seed potatoes remain above ground.

there is a lot of me in each bed.

each bed i've broken up a lot of the soil by hand, both when loading it, unloading it and spreading it. hard packed clumps i throw into the bottom of another empty bed or against the fence. before planting each area i've mixed in some peat moss with a hand trowel and given the area another round of breaking up.

yet, no bed is laid out the same.

its interesting. each of the beds has its own 'microclimate' of sorts. but rather than microclimate its an organization of sorts for the bed all its own created by my consideration of the plants intended for the bed, their companions, their needs and the consistency of the soil.

things are really coming along today. i feel accomplished for the day.
and i have a sun burn, i like what it signifies (well, that i was outside) and it reminds me of all the burns i've gotten throughout my life and as a child. i kind of like how my freckles look against the red skin. however, i hope the pain subsides by tomorrow.

i've planted flower among some plants. calendula with the dill, cilantro and thyme. marigolds with the chard, spinach, beets and kohlrabi. white marigolds in between the various lettuce varietals i've planted. i'd like to plant nasturtiums with the squash and melons, borage and chives with the berries—maybe sunflowers too?

not bad for a days work. its nearly two, time for bed.

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