the truth about chickens

the one chicken death i mentioned a few weeks ago was actually only the tip of the iceburg. later that day i lost another five or six to the cat.

the cat is, needless to say, out of my life now.

it was a complete fiasco but i didn't shed any tears.
i would never intentionally put one of the chickens or chicks in harms way, but over the course of the last year or so i've found that if harm does come to them i am incredibly objective about it.

last night i realize that it is not for a lack of love for chickens but out of an understanding of fundamental animal nature. i can be angry with the cat, sad for the chickens, but in the end i've known what the score is when it comes to cats and birds—it was a possibility from the get go.

that made me feel a little better.
i haven't been particularly worried about my seeming lack of concern but was a little surprised in light of how much i do care about their well-being. this explanation seems to make sense.

it comes down to, animals are animals. you can't change that.

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