updates from another time zone

from across the country i hear that my tomatoes are hurting.
not a whole lot i can do about it as this moment, but i do fret a little.

when i get home i should probably build a cloche for the bed. i wonder how everything else is doing and if the radishes are being watered. i wonder what my greens look like.

in my absence my grandmother had my berry beds finished and planted for me, so that is one large project i can happily cross off my list. lets hope they grow, grow, grow!

have been spending a lot of time at botanical gardens. nice to see some greenery while visiting this massive city. have used them (and my digital camera) as an opportunity to scout out plants that i might like.

all in all, its making me feel very old.
(nearly everyone at botanical gardens are retired.)

back in town on sunday. then i can properly attend to my garden.
its getting close. close to being able to invite people over.

now if only the weather would warm up!
(be careful what you wish for....)

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