the garden update

the garden has consumed me for weeks.
i am frustrated with myself in that i undertook foundational projects to the garden while at the very same time ordering plants for those very foundations. its left me in a position of being unable to plant plants, watching them wither and die and with them the money i spent on them.

not very smart.
try as i might, i always find new ways to be stupid about money.

over the last week or so i have gotten a lot planted.
all that remains are the potatoes and berries (not planted) and the melons and sweet potatoes (not yet bought). once things warm up i will get my beans in but that is something else all together.

it looks like i am going to get a little help finishing up my berry bed.
it sounds like i will be able to return from my vacay to finished berry bed, complete with planting, and the remaining dirt moved. i heart grandmas with an excess of money. i'd say there is a really good chance that my grandpa will come over and mow my lawn as well.

so hopefully i can relax and come home and finish up the little stuff. the much more fun stuff.

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