a chicken update

sad news. the grey cat killed a white cochin banty.
he could even be decent enough to get rid of one of the five rooster i have on my hands. what a fucker. i am seriously considering taking him to the humane society tomorrow morning. now that he has the tase of chicken blood i don't think i can trust him. well, i already know i can't. its not like he is starving. he's just cruel.

(really he's just acting as is his nature, but i don't appreciate it.)

the poor chick. i had tentatively named her evelyn. she was so soft and so good natured. sometimes i feel like such a terrible chicken mother.

i am taking the roosters and filler chickens (buff roosters i think) to portland so that a friend can unload them on the chicken populace of west oregon. fine by me. out of my hair.

everyone else is doing well and are now all located outside. smallest chicks in a fortified barrel and the larger ones in a puppy pen of my mothers. its working out well (well, it was until this untimely death.) the coop has gone through some minor overhauling and now seems a lot more spacious. once i can lay my hands on some bark chips i am going to try that for bedding instead of straw, since straw is currently out of season it seems.

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