cart before the horse

another weekend come and gone.
the yard has been maintained.

some potatoes, beans and perennials are in the ground.
new blueberries purchased.

we'll see what comes up this year.
i already know that i wasted a lot of money buy buying a bunch of things before i had the architecture of my garden set up. my eyes were bigger than my motivation and i really got myself on it this time.

luckily enough, next year the architecture will be in place and it should be much easier.

if the potatoes come up i will be happy.
i've kind of given up on the berries, i waited too long and didn't treat them right after receiving them.

otherwise, the tomatoes have doubled in size, the radishes are looking good, the carrots too (where the crab grass isn't taking over). one melon is struggling and the fennel looks limp but otherwise everything looks really, really good.

so i am not a complete failure. just a few mistakes.

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