future farmers of america

my farming cohort and i are getting serious.
big article came out in the new york times recently about the area and now we have the fire under our feet. we need to be looking for land and getting up and running before we are priced out of the valley.

my spare time has been spent this week on research.
thus far it is going really well and looks promising.

we might have a potential business partner, i've found several snatches of land that could work, some opportunities to lease, a real estate agent and a good lead on a financing institution. all in all, while it is promising it is also a little overwhelming and definitely daunting.

so i have my notebook and my cohort arrives this weekend.
so hopefully next week things will be a little less frightening.

i have my practical hat on, instead of my fanciful one.
i am learning a lot and in that sense am feeling better about it. so in that respect it has all been very good.

if there is anyone out there with some advice—i'm all ears!

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